Getting formal!

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Getting formal!

There is something for sure: we don't wear enough formal wear! Nowadays, only Hollywood stars dare the ballgown look. In your everyday's life, everybody would tell "overdressed" to you if you would pop up in a full skirted silk gown and opera gloves at a party.

What a mistake! There is nothing more elegant than such dresses, and I even find them comfortable. This one is a quite old model of Lelutka, but it remains one of my favourites because of its dramatic look and regal appareance.

Gown: OMAN gown -> Lelutka

Opera gloves: Jessamine gloves -> Belgravia

Earrings, ring and necklace: Misty set -> Donna Flora

Tiara: Noor Mystic Infinity -> Lazuri

Hair: Rythm light blonde -> Elikatira

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Jessy 19/12/2013 16:09

So cute and elegqnt! It made me buy this dress.