Welcome to la Bourgeoise de Second Life!

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Hello all!

It has been a long way from my beginning in Second Life (somewhen in 2007, oh my God...) until now with my first big jump in the merciless fashion blogging world of Second Life :-)

I always have been extremely interested in fashion, but my style is not the most widespread in Second Life... Indeed, as the title I chose for this blog can perhaps indicate, I'm a huge fan of upper class clothing: I cannot have enough furs, evening gowns, coats or suits in my closet.

It has been quite hard to put most outfits I have together as the punk-grunge look is the norm in our pixel world. But I will bravely carry my fight for Dior and Chanel on!

Okaaaaay, now that I have bored you with this, I'll try to post my first outfit cards online quite soon and wish you a very fashionable time on my blog!

Sincerely yours,

Countess Blanche von Hohenstein (Blanche Deschanel)

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