I'll die for a red gown

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I'll die for a red gown

When i first bought this gown from Dead Dollz in black a few months ago in an event, I was over-happy, as the details are especially stunning. But when I discovered today, that a red version was also existing, my heart just stopped: just look at the incredible details on the gown, especially on the skirt!

It reminds me of my most loved Haute couture show of Dior: Winter 2007!

I really hope that the designer will keep on with such wonderful dresses!

Gown: Rowena -> Dead Dollz

Opera gloves: Jessamine gloves -> Belgravia

Chest bow: Ingrid Bow (part of outfit) -> Donna Flora

Medal on the right: Order of the winter sea -> by Jacon Cortes

Medal on the left: BH the most exalted Star of India -> B&H Designs

Earrings, ring and necklace: Misty set -> Donna Flora

Ring on the left hand: Anemone -> Donna Flora

Clutch:Chanel Clutch in Black -> DeLa

Tiara: Noor Mystic Infinity -> Lazuri

Hair: Cherie in Bombshell -> [shag]

I'll die for a red gown
I'll die for a red gown

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Alice 12/02/2014 20:38

Wow, nice gown!