Lost in the ghetto

Publié le par Countess Blanche von Hohenstein

When I've seen the new gown from Peqe with its perfect draping and low cut neckline, I imagined myself lost in the most dangerous part of town with such an attire and bejeweled from head to toe. .. Really starnge thoughts going through my head... I perhaps listened a little bit too much to 50 cent today...

Gown: Highgarden in gold-> Peqe

Gloves: Jessamine in black leathers -> Belgravia

Necklace, bracelets and hair pin : Paparazzi set -> Chop Zuey

Ring on the right hand: Misty set -> Donna Flora

Ring on the left hand: Anemone -> Donna Flora

Tiara: Noor Mystic Infinity -> Lazuri

Hair: Ella in marilyn -> Lelutka

Lost in the ghetto
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