A royal event

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The opera is the most wonderful way to entertain ourselves. I just regret that many are going there in jeans. I love the old times when only tuxedos and evening gowns were allowed. I'm here with my fiancé, the Duke von Bernheim in the entrance. In the entracte, the Sheikh al-Khandr paid a little vistit to our loge. How funny, it was just when my fiancé was away... I think it has with our meeting in the laundry after the opera soöething to do ;-)

I wear:

Gown: Eve -> Apple May Designs

Opera gloves: Jessamine gloves -> Belgravia

Chest bow: Ingrid Bow (part of outfit) -> Donna Flora

Medal on the right: Order of the winter sea -> by Jacon Cortes

Medal on the left: BH the most exalted Star of India -> B&H Designs

Fut stole: Mink princess stole in Black -> Ryvolter

Earrings, ring and necklace: Misty set -> Donna Flora

Ring on the left hand: Anemone -> Donna Flora

Sash: Mesh MI Sash over the dress -> Meli Imako

Cross medal on sash: custom work not available anymore (alas)

Clutch:Chanel Clutch in Black -> DeLa

Tiara: Noor Mystic Infinity -> Lazuri

Hair: Cherie in Bombshell -> [shag]

The Sheikh wears:

Tailcoat and cane: Mesh classic tailcoat -> hoorenbeek

Keffiyeh: Keffiyeh tranditional pink -> by sahiela lavendel

Medal: Order of the northern star in Gold ruby -> by Jacon Cortes

Beard: Nick in Jet -> -dD-

Skin and shape: Kerim -> Evian

The Duke wears:

Uniform: The diplomat II -> !AEC!

Hat: Admiral cocked hat -> le Grenier du Chateau

Monocle: not existing anymore

Medal:Royal order of the Bath -> {DD}

Shape:Frost -> Tellaq

Skin: Jan Pale skin -> Redgrave

A royal event
A royal event
A royal event

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