Please fasten your seat belts

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When I was a little girl, my dream was to be a stewardess... Now it can become real in SL!! Unfortunately, many items are not available anymore, as they are from Leverocci, a closed shop by now.

Jacket:Alice coat in olympian -> Belgravia

Skirt: Sekretary skirt in Mermaid -> Leverocci

Hat: Jinko Beret -> Jinko

Shirt collar : Cambridge cuffed shirt -> Gisaci

Gloves: Leather short gloves in ghost -> Baiastice

Scarf: Necktie in Canary -> Bowtique

Earrings: Willa -> Donna Flora

Bag:Weekend traveller in Airline blue -> Mon tissu

Shoes: Alicia in Black -> Adam n Eve

Hair: Charlize -> Truth hair

Mesh head and skin: Nea in Milky white -> Snow rabbit

Please fasten your seat belts
Please fasten your seat belts

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