High class shopping trip

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I would like to introduce you to my new mesh avie from Slink. I've been overwhelmed by the expressions you can pick from in the HUD! in order to celebrate this change, I went to a shopping trip with my friend the Baroness of Amboise.

I wear:

Coat: Officer coat -> Diram
Skirt: Sekretary skirt in Mermaid -> Leverocci
Shirt and tie: Skinny tie and shirt -> Coco
Boots: Peny in Black -> J.H.C.
Earrings : Misty set -> Donna Flora
Ring on the left hand: Anemone -> Donna Flora
Hair: Looking in Blonde-> Elikatira
Mesh head: Emma -> Slink

The Baroness wears:

Coat: Chloe coat -> Diram
Pants: Large Pant -> Diram
Gloves: Mery Gloves in Rust -> Celoe
Shoes: Ankle boots black -> J's
Hair: Hair 49 in Dark Mocha -> Eaters Coma
Bracelets : Solstice -> Chop Zuey
Ring: Flora amethyst -> Donna Flora
Mesh head and skin: Chloe in Almond -> LOGO

High class shopping

High class shopping

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