An unusual Debutante

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Mother and daughter at the Debutantes ball in Paris

Mother and daughter at the Debutantes ball in Paris

I love such events like the Debutantes Ball in Paris. Young Ladies from the upper nobility (or arts and business) are presented there to the high society for the first time. It is just a galore of ball gowns and tail coats! I wish I can one day present my daughter there with her boyfriend-cavalier. I have chosen here, as a kind of societal anticipation, a successful rapper from the African immigration. Wouldn’t it be nice to witness such unions between the old nobility and the future of the European artistic scene?

I wear:

Gown: Nightingale in Aqua -> Junbug
Opera gloves: Jessamine gloves in Nero -> Belgravia
Sash: Mesh MI Sash over the dress -> Meli Imako
Cross medal on sash: custom work not available anymore (alas)

Bracelets: Solstice -> Chop Zuey
Earrings and ring : Misty set -> Donna Flora

Ring on the left hand: Anemone -> Donna Flora

Clutch: Clutch Chanel in Black -> DeLa

Hair: Charmed in Light Blonde 03 -> Elikatira
Mesh head: Emma -> Slink

Marie Adelaide wears:

Gown: The Debutante II in Violet -> Junbug

Opera gloves: Jessamine gloves in Snow leather-> Belgravia
Hair: The Delilah Hair -> Olive
Necklace, earrings and bracelets : Pearl and Diamond -> Yummy (at uber January)

Ring: Flora amethyst -> Donna Flora

Tiara: Empress Josephine Tiara -> Lazuri
Mesh head: Becky -> Slink

Muhammad wears:

Tailcoat: Classic Tailcoat -> Hoorenbeek
Baggy pants, underpants and belt: Low Baggy in Grunge (and accessories) -> BALKANIK 2.0
Shoes: Vintage sneakers in Vandal -> BALKANIK 2.0
Sunglasses: Zenith -> Redgrave

Dreadlocks: Blaze in Black -> Songfeather

Skin and shape: Song -> Tellaq

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