Encounter in the subway

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Encounter in the subway
Encounter in the subway

I have found the fur coat I so long waited for, long and fluffy! So here it is, in a decayed subway environment so its luxury can shine at its best. It has lots of different textures you can choose from. Here are two examples, in brown and in black.

The baroness wears:

Fur Coat: Ce’lie Long Fur Coat -> The Shops

Scarf: Silk scarf -> Tram
Gloves: Leather short gloves in Tan -> Baiastice
Pants: Large ants Mesh -> DIRAM

Shoes: Square Ankle Boots -> J’s
Earrings and ring : Angels and Flora set -> Donna Flora

Hair: 49 in Mocha -> Eaters Coma
Mesh head: Becky -> Slink

Djafar wears:

Trench Coat: Mens Mesh Trench Dirty Coat -> ..::NN::..

Tee shirt: White Muddy -> Randomocity
Pants: Mesh Jean Dirty -> KAPONE

Shoes: Vintage in Vandal -> Balkanik
Shape, skin, hair and hat: Old man Shombay -> PK

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Alli 26/02/2015 07:49

Just gorgeous! Love it<3