Japanese Intermezzo

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When I saw the new japanese combination of my friend Shino Kawanishi, I had to put it on my blog! It is the first time I see an uchikake (like an overcoat in kimonos) so well rendered.

This outfit would be a bridal one in RL as uchikake are nowadays only worn for marriages even if they were an item of daily wear for noble Ladies in the past.

Shino wears:

Uchikake: Furisode Robe in Crimson Cranes -> Melon Bunny

Kimono: Furisode Kimono in Gold Silk -> Melon Bunny
Obi: Obi Base in Midas Crane -> Melon Bunny
Hair and Kanzashi: Fukuneko (not available anymore)

Shape and skin: Tuty’s

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